Introducing the New WordPress Admin

Like an admin. Unlike any admin.​

Admin UI PRO

Admin UI PRO has a floating appearance to give it a truly unique experience different from the WordPress admin.

Admin UI PRO Flat

Admin UI PRO Flat still provides a unique ‘SaaS-like’ experience while maintaining the original layout of the original WP admin.

Unique Admin Design

Reinvent your WordPress admin theme with a completely unique look. Why settle for the boring, traditional admin design when you can enjoy a new website management experience? 

With features like our exclusive customizable header image, navigation design and login pages, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Apply Your Own Branding

Give Admin UI Pro a custom branded look to match either your brand or your customer’s. 

You can modify everything from the main logo, color scheme, header image, and so much more!

Change Menu Colors

Customize your admin menu items by changing the background, text, icon and hover colors. 

Apply your changes to all of the menu items at once, or customize it for each item individually.

Select from Multiple
Custom Login Pages

Give your login page a unique, non-WordPress experience by selecting from multiple login page design options. 

For the ultimate white label experience, your customers will never know they’re logging into WordPress.

Customize PreLoader Image

Use your own animated gif to give your admin dashboard the ultimate custom branded experience.

Customize the Admin Top Bar

Edit the top admin toolbar. Hide or show the toolbar items that are important to you.

Edit the top admin toolbar. Hide or show toolbar items, change their order with drag & drop, rename items, and/or create new links.

Redesigned Media Library

We’ve updated the presentation of images with a subtle drop shadow to give it an enhanced, clean look.

Updated Media Detail Window

We’ve taken the design of the Media Library a step further with an enhanced, cleanly designed detail window.

Dark Mode

Now your customers can enjoy a dark version of your dashboard when they’re working in dark surroundings to save their eyes from a super bright screen.

Dark Mode Continues

The Dark Mode features carries over to every feature of your dashboard, from Pages and Posts to the Media Library and more!

Total Design Freedom

You've got to see it — and use it — to believe it.

Navigate Efficiently

Access where you need it. Productive where you want it.

Hide Menu Items Based on Roles

(and/or WP Ultimo Plan Levels)

You can disable access to any menu or submenu item with just a few clicks. 

For multisite networks setup with WP Ultimo, you can also disable menu and submenu items based on plan levels.

Organize Your Menu

Create a completely custom experience by organizing the placement of each menu item. 

Increase productivity, rearrange, rename, and recategorize items based on your preferences. 

Create a completely custom experience by organizing the placement of each menu item. Rearrange items by the most used and/or categorize them based on your preferences. Also freely move submenu items under another menu item, or create it as a top level menu item with it’s own icon.

Add Custom Line Breaks
& Header Breaks

Add line breaks and custom colored header breaks to separate and organize your menus to easily and visually understand. 

Add custom titles and use html code to create links, make bold, italicize and more to truly make your nav menu custom and easy to use. 

Add Custom Menu Icons

Admin UI Pro comes with a large selection of Dashicons. If you need a custom icon not found in the library, you have the ability to easily upload your own JPG, PNG or GIF icons. 

Admin UI Settings

Export your admin menu configuration to a file, then import it on another site.

Hide Plugins

Don’t want your customers to see specific (or all) plugins on the “Plugins” page? You can hide them by user roll and/or users.

Customize the Login URL

Add another level of security custom branding to your WordPress website by modifying the WordPress login url  “/wp-admin” to your own url.

World Class Support & Free Updates

New software has a learning curve, but with Admin UI Pro,
you won’t waste your time searching for answers to your questions.

World Class Support

Each license includes world class email support for the duration of your license. Any time you get stuck, just send us an email, and a member of our support team will walk you, step by step, through exactly what you need to do to resolve your problem quickly and easily.

Free Updates

We constantly update and refine our software to ensure that it’s always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Software updates are included at no extra cost for the duration of your license. Whenever we release a more powerful version of Admin UI Pro, you’ll receive it right in your WordPress dashboard, at no charge, for the life of your license.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

We understand that purchasing the tools to power your website can be intimidating and overwhelming, so we’d like to make trying Admin UI Pro a risk-free proposition.

Simply try it for the next 14 days to see for yourself if it really can help your customers have a better experience with your site admins.

If you decide it doesn’t perform as we say — or if you simply feel it’s not a good fit for you — just let us know before the 15th day, and we’ll promptly send you a full refund for your entire investment.

Create A More Enjoyable Experience for Your Customers that They Won't Get Anywhere Else

Add Admin UI Pro to all your sites.

Get Admin UI Pro Today

No other plugin can provide your websites admin with the customization features that Admin UI Pro can.

Purchase your copy of Admin UI Pro and give your customers a unique and branded experience to WordPress that is only available by you.

Designed to Impress but Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Moises Garcia
Web Developer
Read More
I love how easy Admin UI Pro is to use. I'm able to create custom admins for client sites, literally within minutes.
Todd Sudeck
Agency Client
Read More
I always hated how bad WordPress admin looked. So much is spent on making my site look good, I always wondered why couldn't the backend look just as good.
Frank DeRosa
WaaS Developer
Read More
I was looking for something that would give our customers a unique, white-labeled experience...Admin UI Pro exceeds my wildest dreams! Great job!!

Designed to Fit Every Budget

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Admin UI PRO

Annual License

$ 97
  • Pro Features
  • Multisite Compatible
  • WP Ultimo Integration
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Updates & Support

Admin UI PRO Flat

Annual License

$ 97
  • Pro Features
  • Multisite Compatible
  • WP Ultimo Integration
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Updates & Support

Access to ALL of Our
Premium Plugins

Unlimited Licenses

$ 97
  • ALL Current & Future Plugins
  • Multisite Compatible
  • WP Ultimo Integrations
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Updates & Support

No Risk – 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Updates & Changelog

February 26, 2021
Custom CSS options adding multiple slashes
February 22, 2021
Fix for layout getting messed up in Chrome
January 22, 2021
Fixed layout when Gravity forms plugin is enabled
December 22, 2020
Language translations
December 03, 2020
Fixed conflict between Admin UI plugin and the Updraft plus plugin for Modal popup and the Title misplacing
November 30, 2020
Fixed conflict between E-signature pages displayFixed conflict between E-signature tabs and admin ui. Added custom scripts
November 11, 2020
Fixed conflict between woocommerce & Admin UI
Version 3.8
October 06, 2020
Added a fix for SSLVERIFY check after domain renewal.
September 23, 2020
Latest Version
September 27, 2019
Solved issue Elementor with Admin page creator
Sub site menu +/- icon showing and solved expand/ collapse issue solved
September 25, 2019
Admin Sub menu
Admin Toolbar icon and text update
Admin Toolbar sorting
Gutenburg issue
Font and style of boxes and text
Woocommerce header
Flunet page popup issue
test.php rename
Astra start template pages layout issues
September 23, 2019
Conflict with Groundhogg on emails creation page
August 22, 2019
Latest version
August 08, 2019
latest Version
August 13, 2019
Latest Version
August 08, 2019
Query Monitor Errors and Warnings
July 25, 2019
Created new logic for Admin Toolbar menu list and Sub Site menu List
Latest version
July 19, 2019
Latest Updates
July 18, 2019
Solved Custom css for frontend logo background
July 17, 2019
Solved confliction with Formidable Plugin, Now Plugin display proper content
July 16, 2019
Latest version
January 25, 2019
Solved ACF conflict issue in paid version, now plugin is working well with ACF plugin , opening proper admin panel
January 24, 2019
Latest version
December 28, 2018
Latest Version
December 27, 2018
Latest Version
December 21, 2018
Latest Version
December 20, 2018
Latest version
December 17, 2018
Latest version
December 14, 2018
Latest Version
December 12, 2018
Latest files fro Admin UI/UX Pro plugin
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