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We Don't Just Develop WaaS Multisite Plugins... We Use Them!

We’ve been developing and managing our own WordPress multisite network (WPMU) for the past few of years and are excited about the technology growth available to us today.

However, not everything integrated or worked to our standards, so we’ve created solutions that we’ve turned into premium plugins that can be used to help you perfect your WaaS network too.




The Easiest, Quickest and Most Affordable Way to
Build and Grow Your Waas!

More Power. More Performance. More PRO.

All designed to get more from your WaaS.

Thoughtful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to help you build anything you want.

Site Settings PRO

Streamline the onboarding experience with simple and easy to use website settings from within the admin dashboard.

Settings Wizard PRO

Send your customers through a customized wizard, collecting the information needed to get their new site up and running quickly.

Site Analytics PRO

Display your customer’s analytics right inside their dashboard. Now they can easily keep track of all their traffic.

Stock Library PRO

Finally you can give customers access to a repository of stock images and icons all managed by you from a single location.

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