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Why You Need To Talk About Your Creation Story

When marketing your WaaS (Website as a Service) company, it’s not enough that you talk about your roster of products, services and how they work. Just as crucial in attracting new customers is talking about your company’s creation story.

By your creation story, I mean, the story of how your company came to be.

Why tell your creation story?

Because this is how you can get your customers to relate to your company better, more importantly, this is what will make you unique. With the increasing number of WaaS solutions, your story will help make yours stand out and become more memorable.

Plenty of other tech companies have shared their own creations stories resulting with this type of impact. Some examples include:

  • As students at Stanford University in California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with the help of Scott Hassan and Alan Steremberg, developed a search engine then known as “BackRuB” which we now know as Google.
  • Mark Zuckerberg developing Facebook along with fellow Harvard students as a social networking service website limited to Harvard students, initially called Face Mash
  • AirBnB was conceived  when its founders needed to offset the high cost of rent in San Francisco by putting an air mattress in their living room instantly turning their apartment into a bed and breakfast. 

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So, what do you include in your story?

There are two things that, essentially, need to be included in the story about your company: Who built it? And Why?

It’s most effective to talk about the background of the founder(s). Talk about how you started and the core principles that guide how you treat your customers, employees and other stakeholders. You can be more ambitious and articulate than your company’s ‘mission’ and north star or ‘vision’. Microsoft talked of a goal to put “a computer on every desk, in every home,” even though that has changed over time too.

Take note that creation stories are not about the products or services and how they work. Instead, they’re about the people and the thinking behind those products.

Why is it important to tell your creation story this way?

As communication strategist, Simon Sinek puts it ‘People don’t ‘buy’ what you do, they ‘buy’ why you do it.’ This is why our stories can attract new customers and maintain existing ones. What this does is increase your customers’ affinity with your brand. It helps build a relationship with your customer that is founded on emotional connection and it also helps reduce churn.

Prospective customers want to know if the people that built the solution really understand their challenges. Do they really understand their needs?

At the very least, prospects need to trust the company. Remember with a WaaS solution, it’s not about buying a product, but a promise. The customer needs to know that the WaaS provider will deliver the functionality and support as promised. A creation story can help build that trust.

As a WaaS marketer, it’s understandable to want to point out your solution’s features, benefits & advantages…and you should. But don’t discount the fact that talking about who built it and why it was built are just as important.

Michael Short

Michael Short

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