Reduce Churn PRO – Single Monthly Membership

Reduce churn for your WaaS

Reduce Churn PRO offers your customers detours to prevent them from cancelling, while collecting feedback from those who do. Integrates with WP Ultimo.

Why are people cancelling? You have no idea…

Without feedback, you’re in the dark trying to prevent tomorrow’s signup from churning.
1 Install & Activate
2 Use the pre-populated questions and answers OR set up your own
3 Collect insights and watch churn go away!

How Reduce Churn PRO minimizes churn

Automatically Apply Detours

After a user clicks cancel, a churn form shows alternatives such as extending support, or offering a discount on future payments.

Collect Feedback

If a user still opts to cancel, they’re asked to give a reason. Reduce Churn PRO stores these answers for analysis.

Powerful Churn Analytics

Know who’s cancelling and for what reason so you can correctly focus your product and marketing efforts.

  • Connect users likely to cancel with a dedicated support representative
  • Learn what features your users demand most
  • Find out which competitors are stealing your customers
  • Notify cancelled users when a new feature they wanted is ready
  • Know who to contact when you’re doing your next discount promotion.
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