Rebrand LeadConnector Pro – Lifetime Membership

Rebrand LeadConnector will enable you to rebrand HighLevel’s (GHL) LeadConnector plugin. You’l be able to change button colors, title and links to your own brand.

So don’t wait, add Rebrand LeadConnector to your client sites and start giving them a more branded experience!

Add your own Branded SaaS Name Give your own Plugin Description Change ownership to your Agency Name Give it a link to your own SaaS (or Agency) URL Change the color of the buttons, lines and text to match your brand. Give it your own menu icon…can be your logo.
You can remove the Rebrand option in the left menu by going to Screen Options at the top of your dashboard and clicking the save button while on the plugin’s dashboard.
This is what your changed settings will look like once you’ve saved your changes. Notice there’s no mention of HighLevel or the LeadConnector plugin.


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