Live Editor PRO for Oxygen – Monthly Membership

Get this plugin + ALL of our premium plugins with our PRO Monthly Membership

Take your WaaS (or single sites) to the next level with our PRO Membership. All our plugins are designed to help improve your customers’ user experience. From the signup process (Settings Wizard PRO) to cancellation (Reduce Churn PRO)…and everything in between… WaaS.PRO plugins well set your business apart!

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An Editor Your Customers Will Love

Give your clients a fast and easy way to edit content without needing to touch the Oxygen page builder!

 Build Your Pages with Oxygen, Edit Them with Live Editor PRO

  • Quick Editing: Edit text, buttons, images and backgrounds
  • Manage User Rolls: Give All Access, Limited Access or Limited Access to a single page
  • Easy Install: Create pages as you normally do with Oxygen and Edit the changes with Live Editor PRO
  • Edit Most Widgets: Currently can edit text, buttons, images and backgrounds, but new editable widgets are being added in each update.

  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Annual Usage

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