Market Your WaaS Promises, NOT Your Product

WaaS Marketing:
Why You Might Have it All Wrong…

There are many advantages of building a “WaaS”, as I’m sure you already know. Owning a WaaS network provides many benefits for both you and your customers.

However, if you’re a websites-as-a-service (WaaS) marketer and you believe you’re marketing a product, I’m here to tell you you’ve got it all wrong.

What we’re really marketing as WaaS owners are promises. Promises to deliver value throughout the entire time our customers are subscribed to our services.

Much of that value is required on day one when they sign up. They need to be able to quickly and easily select a template, update their contact information and change their logo, but it goes beyond that.

What you’re also promising is that you’ll deliver:

  • Easy and efficient deployment
  • Reliable performance and instant access
  • Security and maintenance management
  • Expert customer service
  • Ongoing updates and feature enhancements

Adding Features Isn’t Enough for
Earning Customer Trust

Winning the prospective customer’s trust requires more than just marketing those promises. They need to trust that you’ll come through on them. Just showing the features working, really isn’t enough anymore.

You need to show prospects your commitment to establishing a long lasting relationship…much more than just a one-time sale.

You need to demonstrate that you’ve been able to keep other customers satisfied for a considerable length of time.

You need to show a track record of enhancements and demonstrate proof of security and reliability.

Ultimately you need to clearly demonstrate that you’re a company that can be trusted.

There are a variety of differences between marketing your WaaS and marketing a traditional website: different type of buyers, different sales messages, and much different processes. Your WaaS marketing strategy needs to be different, focused on selling your promises, not only a product.

Michael Short

Michael Short

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WaaS Marketing

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