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Don’t Talk Techy to WaaS Buyers

Your Turnkey Website Customers Don’t Need to Know Your Network is Built on WordPress Multisite (WPMU)

Despite how terrific your website-as-a-service (WaaS) solution is, the invaluable features you offer, or the super smart whatever other sophisticated technologies you’ve got incorporated in your turnkey website network, here’s a horrible fact: Your prospective customers really don’t care.

Most of them only want to know what your system does, not how it works.

Most of the time all the tech jargon probably goes right over their heads. They are experts in their own field of business, but they don’t always have a technical background.

Minimal IT Feedback

Though, one of the primary interest of WaaS is that it usually requires little technical knowledge. The customer need not figure out hosting solutions, deployment, ongoing maintenance, or periodic upgrades.

They don’t even need to make sure that their new site adheres to certain standards for security, reliability, and performance, and that they can integrate it with other applications because you take care of all of that for them. (But if any of those issues come up during the sign-up process, you’ll want to make sure you have support material that addresses them.)

Speak to the Decision-Maker in the Way They Understand

Whatever you do, don’t talk in tech terms to your prospects. It’s tempting to do when we’re dealing with technology features. Instead, talk to them in their language. For example, write as if you’re talking to the business owner, a sales manager, or a secretary, you get my point. (See “Your WaaS Customers Have a Day Job.”)

Be sure to also consider the niche you’re targeting, you need to speak in the language of their industry. Real estate managers talk about properties, computer technicians talk about technology/gadgets, and auto detailers talk about cars and their owners.

You need to display that you know the specific needs of their industry. They’re the ones signing up and using your website as a service solution.

Honestly, having tech talks with your prospects is a waste of time. Unfortunately, it could even get you transferred to their IT department, a place you definitely don’t want to be. A sales manager selling SaaS solutions to real estate companies recently told me that when his sales team gets passed to IT, they know the opportunity is heading toward a dead-end.

Instead Focus on Their Business Goals

Your prospective customers don’t want to hear about your super fantastic technology and features. They want to hear about how you can help them reach their business goals. What can your WaaS / turnkey website solution do to:

  • Cut costs
  • Satisfy their customers
  • Generate more leads
  • Or attain other business goals

We both know your technology supports all of that, it’s what fuels your network. But remember, your primary audience don’t always want to look under the hood. Show to them what your turnkey website service can do for them, not how it works.

Michael Short

Michael Short

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