Annual License for Single Site/Network

This plugin fuses together WPUltimo (the best plugin to create a network of WordPress sites) and ThriveCart (the ultimate shopping cart for marketers).

When connected, these two platforms will allow you to add and sell unlimited plans and upsells on your Wass ( Website as a Service) with virtually no effort at all.

WPUltimo and ThriveCart Power Integration Plugin!

  • tick-icon Now you can take full advantage of all the features in ThriveCart on your WPUltimo managed network!
  • tick-icon Add an unlimited number of WPUltimo plans to your ThriveCart account
  • tick-icon Affiliate Network – Create and manage an affiliate network to help launch your product using ThriveCart’s built-in affiliate features.
  • tick-icon Stylizer – want to change the font size, color and position for the button on your checkout window? No problem.
  • tick-icon All future (free) updates to the plugin
  • tick-icon Connect all your WPUltimo plans to ThriveCart, without touching code. It’s as simple as copy/paste.
  • tick-icon