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Admin UI PRO Now Integrates with LoginPress

Beauty and Brawn

Login pages meet style and security with LoginPress

LoginPress is a login management plug-in for WordPress that helps you secure, rebrand, and customize your login pages without developers or code.

We’ve recently been asked to fix a conflict between LoginPress and our plugins Admin UI PRO and Admin UI PRO Flat. So what did we do? What we always do…we fixed the conflict. Now available for flawless integration in Admin UI PRO (and Flat) version 1.85 and later.

Tired of trying to remember your passwords? (Was it kickwaas76 or kickass76?)

Auto Login generates a unique URL for users to bypass the login process and get straight to their account.

You’ll be able to manage all users with auto-generated login links from one list, disabling access and deleting users.

With Social Login, users can easily log in or register via their FacebookGoogleand Twitter accounts without filling out a sign-up form.

This add-on cuts the hassle and reduces the likelihood of spambot registrations.

So if you’re looking to completely customize and manage your WaaS* login screen then you’ll definitely want to integrate this with your Admin UI PRO dashboard!

If you haven’t picked up your lifetime copy of LoginPress on AppSumo, I’d recommend that you do so before its gone and you have to pay full price! Click here to get it now.


*Note: Both plugins (Admin UI PRO and LoginPress) also work together on single site installs.

Michael Short

Michael Short

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